Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016

Dear Readers,

despite the fact that I'm still on hiatus I'm desirous of sending Christmas greetings to you.

I feel a lot better since I spent time for rest and relaxation.
It may sound a bit strange but there is a video game which helped me a lot:

(available for PC, XBox One, PS4)

My wife and I play the game since the PS4 release date and it is great.
It is so much more than a simple farming game.

You will understand what I mean when you read the GAMESPOT review and watch the video review by CornshaqGaming:

If you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift then this could be one.

Now I wish you and your dear and near ones

a peaceful, relaxing, and joyful  Christmas!

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Reading Impression: CassaDawN by Alex J. Cavanaugh

Dear Readers,

today is publishing day of CassaDawn [Kindle ASIN: B01M8JNF3Y] by Alex J. Cavanaugh, a short story set in the Cassa universe.
I don't know how often I praised the excellent  Cassa trilogy [Kindle ASIN: B00ZAP5PV4].

I have had the pleasure to read and enjoy CassaDawN a while ago and today I finally can share my thoughts about it with you in form of following reading impression.

For me it is a challenge to talk about a short story without giving away too much.

The missing piece in the Cassa series !

I read CassaStaR, CassaFirE, CassaStorM and liked them a lot like many other people.

I was not aware of the fact that there was a missing piece.
It rested in my subconsciousness until the copy of CassaDawN arrived.

This prequel is the perfect gift for all fans of the Cassa series
it is the perfect appetizer for potential Cassa series readers.

I started to read CassaDawN and thought I know what will happen because I read the series.

But I did not know how it happened and that is what CassaDawN delivers in an excellent and matchless way. Far too fast I reached the end despite I slowed down myself and consumed it word by word.

The atmosphere of the Cassa series is breathing through the whole story.
It just sucked me in and I wanted to get more and more of it ... Fortunately the Cassa series is out there.
Enter the world of Cosbolt pilots and navigators.
Get fascinated by breathtaking space flight maneuver.
Get to know young Byron fixated on one aim, wearing invisible blinders.
Get emotionally touched in a future where friendship, honesty, fidelity, respect and love are still highly valued. 

CassaDawN is without any doubt one of the best arguments why you either should read the Cassa series
to get the missing peace as a fan of the series.

From Star to Fire to Storm and now we have Dawn to start with.
CassaDawN - When the title match the story perfectly!

Monday, December 05, 2016

On hiatus due to health problems

Dear Readers,

please apologize my absence in the past weeks.
I'm not able to spend enough time for posts because the side effects of a surgey in the upper jaw turned my body upside down.

I hope to be back after Christmas.

There will be one post on December 6th which I prepared a while ago.

Wish all of you a

Happy Merry Christmas.
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