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Before I started with Edi's Book Lighthouse I wrote 25 reviews for  Only The Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy.
I did not want to forgo these reviews. So I decided to keep the links to the original reviews and to add updated versions to the new blog which will take a while. All reviews posted on Edi's Book Lighthouse are colored green. Guest reviews are colored red.

The Index is sorted by author


Abraham, Daniel 
- A Shadow in Summer

Alten, Steve
- The Loch

Anderson, Kevin J.
-The Edge Of The World

Archer, Gabriel and Canaan, Jack
-Ashes of Heroes

Atkinson, Sabine
-Varangian: The Stone of Babylon
-Varangian: The Assassins of Teneo Mundus


Baker, Kage
- Not Less Than Gods

Baxter, Stephen
- Ark
- Flood

Berridge, A. L.
- Honour and the Sword
- In the Name of the King
- Into the Valley of Death

Blackwood, Heather
- Hounds of Autumn

Bledsoe, Alex
- The Sword Edged Blonde
- Burn Me Deadly
- Dark Jenny

Brennan, Marie
- Midnight Never Comes

Brown, David Mark
- Fistful of Reefer

Brown, Douglas R.
- The Light of Epertase

Buchanan, Col
- Farlander

Burtenshaw, Jenna
- Wintercraft


Cavanaugh, Alex J.
- CassaStaR
- CassaFirE
- CassaStorM
- Dragon of the Stars

Carriger, Gail
- Soulless

Castle, Anna
- Death by Disputation

Charlton, Blake
- Spellwright

Christer, Sam
- The House of Moriarty

Cobley, Michael
- Seeds of Earth

Cross, Ted
- The Immortality Game


Douglas, David
Demon's Bane

Drakich, Michael
- Grave is the Day
- The Brotherhood of Piaxia



Figes, Orlando
- Crimea

Forrester, James
- Sacred Treason


Gilman, Felix
- The Half-Made World

Gomez, Alain
- Celebrity Space

Green, Jonathan
- Evolution Expects
- Blood Royal
- Dark Side

Griffith, Clay and Susan
- The Greyfriar


Hawkins, D.W.
The Sentient Fire

Hodder, Mark
- The Strange Affair of Spring-Heeled Jack
- The Curious Case of the Clockwork Man

Huso, Anthony
- The Last Page


Insecure Writer's Support Group
- Parallels: Felix was here


Johnston, Timothy S.
- The Furnace
- The Void


Kent, Jasper
- Thirteen Years Later

King, Stephen
- Under The Dome


Lake, Jay
- Mainspring

Lakin, Rita
- Getting Old Can Kill You

Law, Simon
- Bringing Forth The End Of Days

Lawrence, Mark
- Prince of Thorns

Lawrence, Paul
- The Sweet Smell of Decay
- A Plague of Sinners

Lebbon, Tim
- The Island

Lewis, Linden
-Human Secrets

Lloyd, Tom
- The Stormcaller

Lord, Mark
-Chilvalry: A Jake Savage Adventure

Mann, George

- The Osiris Ritual
- Ghosts of Manhattan

Marino, J. C.
-Dante's Journey

Marston, Edward
-Deeds of Darkness

Martinez, Michael J.
-The Daedalus Incident

Mayer, Andrew P.
-The Falling Machine

McCormick, James Austin

Mortimer, Ian
-The Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England

Mullen, Thomas
-The Revisionists

Muriel, Oscar de
-Strings of Murder


Newton, Mark Charan
- City of Ruin



Palmer, Dexter
- The Dream of Perpetual Motion

Parker, K. J.
- Colours in the Steel
-The Company

Parker, Richard Jay
- Stop Me

Peace, Cas
- King's Envoy

Pepper, Andrew
- The Last Days Of Newgate

Persun, Terry
- Revision 7:DNA

Polansky, Daniel
- Low Town The Straight Razor Cure

Priest, Cherie



Redick,Robert V. S.
- The Red Wolf Conspiracy
- The Rats and the Ruling Sea

Rhein, Walter
- The Bone Sword


Savile, Steven
- Silver

Scarrow, Alex
- TimeRiders
- TimeRiders: Day of the Predator
- TimeRiders: The Doomsday Code

Scholes, Ken
- Lamentation

Shepherd, Joel
- Crossover, by Joel Shepherd

Shrewsbury, Steven
- Thrall

Simmons, Dan

Skinner, Rosalie
- Exiled: Autumn's Peril

Smart, Harriet
- The Butchered Man

Steere, Marty
- Sea of Crises

Stephens, A.P.
- Of Thieves and Elves
- The Stolen Moon of Londor
- Shamless Wonders


Tettensor, E L
- Darkwalker

Tidhar, Lavie 
- The Bookman


Umstead, Steve
- Gabriel's Redemption


Vaillancourt, Michel R.
- By Any Other Name


Wasserman, A.E.
- 1884 No Boundaries

Weir, Andy
- The Martian

West, Paul
- First Cause

Williams, David J.
- Burning Skies

Willis, Connie
- Doomsday Book

Wilson, Geoffrey
- Land of Hope and Glory




Ziemecki, Ray
- Sherlock Holmes: Gone in the Fog

Zimmer, Stephen
- Crown of Vengeance
- Dream of Legends
- Spirit of Fire
- The Exodus Gate

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